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ACO commercial box channel - extended edge

Product benefits

  • Fully compliant to EN 1253
  • Full drainability to ensure hygienic cleaning
  • Fully pickle passivated to restore corrosion resistance and optimum durability
  • Steel thickness min 1.5 mm
  • Rubber edge infill to provide additional strength in dense traffic areas
  • EasyFix®Clips for quick, easy and precise height adjustment during installation
  • Chamfered spigot outlets provide easy push-fit connection
  • ACO protective cover available
  • Silt basket collects debris effectively

DimensionsGully compatibilityMaterialItem

20017083080050125ACO gully 1421.4301447046
1030100050125ACO gully 1421.4301447047
1530150050125ACO gully 1421.4301447048
2030200050125ACO gully 1421.4301447049
30027033030050125ACO gully 1421.4301447050
63060050125ACO gully 1421.4301447051
1030100050125ACO gully 1421.4301447052
2030200050125ACO gully 1421.4301447053
3030300050125ACO gully 1421.4301447054
40037043040050125ACO gully 1421.4301447055
83080050125ACO gully 1421.4301447056
50047053050050125ACO gully 1421.4301447057
1030100050125ACO gully 1421.4301447058
60057063060050125ACO gully 1421.4301447059
DimensionsGully compatibilityMaterialItem

200 mm170 mm830 mm800 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447046
1030 mm1000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447047
1530 mm1500 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447048
2030 mm2000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447049
300 mm270 mm330 mm300 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447050
630 mm600 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447051
1030 mm1000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447052
2030 mm2000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447053
3030 mm3000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447054
400 mm370 mm430 mm400 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447055
830 mm800 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447056
500 mm470 mm530 mm500 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447057
1030 mm1000 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447058
600 mm570 mm630 mm600 mm50 mm125 mmACO gully 1421.4301447059

ACO tundish portable

Suitable for
  • ACO drainage independent of visible edge dimensions
  • Stainless steel
  • Material grade 1.4301 (304)