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Wastewater lifting station

Anyone who operates a toilet, shower or washing machine in the basement is faced with a problem: These rooms are generally located below the flood level (road level). The grey water and black water produced can therefore not be drained away with a gradient. Instead it has to be pumped by a wastewater lifting plant, so that it can flow into the sewer. By installing a backflow loop the basement areas are protected against pressing water at the same time. The ACO lifting plants made of plastic or stainless steel can overcome height differences of up to 20 m, depending on the model chosen. Depending on their useful volume, they are suitable for single and multi-dwelling buildings, as well as for buildings used for commercial and industrial purposes. The pumps are designed for faecal-free (grey) and faecal (black) wastewater and can also be used downstream of grease separators with large nominal sizes.