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ACO commercial drainage

The ACO commercial drainage family of products

Selecting the right solution

The specification of point floor drainage in commercial buildings is driven by the application in which it will be installed. These requirements can be met with different product ranges depending on factors including the size of project, public access and frequency of use.

The ACO Building Drainage product portfolio is available in a variety of materials. Each of these materials has unique advantages in the specific applications for which they’re intended.

ACO products are compatible with one another, enabling our customers to combine products from different ranges to develop tailored drainage systems.

The ACO commercial drainage range offers a wide range of gully designs which can be used to meet project-specific requirements:

  • floor composition
  • maintenance requirements
  • project budget

ACO commercial gully example solutions

Lowest construction height



The horizontal stainless steel gully body is combined with plastic top section with low edge profile. This solution allows for construction height as low as 131 mm.

Stainless steel body is combined with industrial grade stainless steel top section and a load resistant stainless steel mesh grating.

Stainless steel body is combined with plastic gully top and plastic foul air trap to provide for budget friendly cost.

ACO commercial channel

The ACO commercial channel is compatible with the ACO commercial gully bodies. The new channel shares many features with the high-end ACO hygienic box channel at a budget-friendly cost.

  • Fully compliant to EN 1253
  • Full drainability to ensure hygienic cleaning
  • Fully pickle passivated to restore corrosion resistance and optimum durability
  • Steel thickness min 1.5 mm
  • Rubber edge infill to provide additional strength in dense traffic areas
  • EasyFix levelling feet for quick, easy and precise height adjustment during installation
  • Chamfered spigot outlets provide easy push-fit connection
  • ACO protective cover available
  • Optional silt basket for effective debris collection

You can check out the whole portfolio of commercial channels in the ACO Commercial Drainage catalogue