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ACO Passavant parking deck gullies made of cast iron

It’s hard to image but Germany´s largest multi-storey car park has around 9800 parking spaces. A significant loading test for any drainage solution! In addition to the extreme traffic loads, salt and condensation as well as dirt and high temperature differences also affect the gullies on the parking deck.

ACO can provide the solution: Our Passavant parking deck gully is manufactured from cast iron and can permanently resist all external influences. Fire protection is also optimised and we provide flexible floor connections with the new, robust and compact parking deck gullies. In order to ensure that everything functions smoothly, we can support you at every stage of your project from the planning stage through to execution.

Parking deck drainage portfolio


ACO parking deck gullies offer lifelong loading capacity and resistance

Guaranteed fire protection

  • Cast iron is non-flammable – Building Material Class A1
  • Integrated fire protection without additional time and effort
  • Smoke stop function for maximum safety

Lifelong robustness

  • Can also resist extreme traffic loads
  • Resistant to condensation and salt water
  • Similar expansion coefficient to concrete
  • Permanent maintenance-friendly and vandal proof

Flexible floor connection

  • For industrial coating
  • For block paving surface
  • For mastic asphalt

Compact design

  • Processing-friendly
  • Compact dimensions and weight
  • Shape-stable when concreted in-situ

Modular parking deck system