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Industrial drainage systems

ACO is a global leader in the design and manufacture of drainage systems whether they are used for general surface water management or in building drainage applications. “Creating the future of drainage“ is a part of our brand identity.

In food and beverage processing facilities, drainage has a major impact overal hygiene and safety of the facility, performance and has a critical role when it comes to food hygiene and ultimately public safety.

By taking a rounded approach, we are helping our clients all around the world with:

  • establishing better production efficiencies and lower operational costs
  • enhance product and employees safety
  • provide ultimate range of drainage system products with improved product lifecycle, easy installation, maintenance and warranty
  • strong service from design consulting to onsite installation support

With many years of experience and drainage system assesmensts, our team is committed to ensuring all aspects of proper drainage systems are designed, manufactured and catered to business to bring to our clients and their operations peace of mind.

Key decisions to make when specifying industrial drainage system