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Cleaning effectiveness

Fraunhofer cleanability research

At ACO, our drainage not only helps optimize hygienic performance but thanks to a number of unique design features our products also ensure that operators can benefit from having an efficient and cost effective cleaning process as well as a minimal ongoing maintenance programme.

ACO’s hygienic channel, gully, grate, basket and foul air trap designs incorporate a number of functional design features to aid the cleaning process and minimise the risk of bacterial harbourage.

The patent-pending end-cap design of hygienic channel has a completely drainable dry sump and minimum degree slope to prevent the build up of stagnant water, smells, microbial growth and potential chemical hazards, a deep drawn body with smooth contours which eliminates crevices that can harbour bacteria and a completely smooth, easy-to-clean stainless steel surface.

ACO’s slip-resistant grates have no mesh but are cast or fully welded, and every joint is curved to make removal and cleaning an easy and safe process. All grates are electropolished to enhance cleaning effectiveness.

While ACO’s easy-to-remove foul air trap benefits from rounded edges and smooth contours which eliminate crevices which can be hard to clean thoroughly.