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ACO channels

The ACO box channel range includes channels for all common applications and all common floor types (concrete, tiles, resin or vinyl).

The ACO box channel portfolio is designed with respect to hygienic design requirements. The unique variability of the whole portfolio makes it easy to choose a channel that suits a customer’s specific needs.

For customized ACO box channel, please contact our Sales/ technical department. Please take into consideration that ACO channel
customization could decrease the number of hygienic design features. All ACO box channels can be designed with:

  • Special outlet position
  • Special depth
  • Special slope
  • Special channel width
  • L-shape and T-shape lay out
  • Special side inlets

ACO hygienic drainage fulfills stringent hygienic requirements to prevent harmful bacterial contamination. We apply the relevant hygienic design principles reserved for food contact surfaces EN 1672, EN ISO 14159, EHEDG document to the channel design.

ACO channel hygienic features:

  • Fully drainable
  • Internal radii equal or larger than 3 mm
  • Hygienic joints
  • Edge infill
  • Stainless steel grade min. AISI 304
  • Fully pickled and passivated
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ACO box channel variants

ACO commercial box channel

Great for smaller projects due to its competitive pricing and in-stock availability. Available in both standard or customized configurations.

The commercial box channel features minimum of 1mm (R1) internal radius.

ACO industrial box channel

Ideal for large industrial projects, with requirements for optimal hygienic drainage. Available only as a non-standard, customized solution.

The industrial box channel features a minimum of 3mm (R3) internal radius, allowing for better maintenance and cleaning.

ACO hygienic box channel

Best solution for applications with the most demanding hygienic drainage requirements. Available in both standard or customized configurations.

The hygienic box channel features internal radii ranging from 5 to 10 mm (R5 - R10), offering the best performance in cleanability.

Industrial Box Channel New CutIndustrial Box Channel Old Cut

ACO channel customization

ACO extra deep hygienic box channel

ACO extra deep channel design provides extended flow rates and higher retention capacities than existing channel solutions, making it perfect for use in breweries, soft drinks manufacturing facilities and any application which has to process high volumes of water. Available as a bespoke engineered solution , ACO‘s extra-deep channel is available in depths of up to 360mm.

ACO waster trap

In Food or Beverage productions, certain amounts of organic waste like meat, vegetable leafs, or solids like etiquettes, glass shards or bones frequently fall down on the floor and clog the conventional silt basket in very short time, demanding frequent maintenance. As the water cannot drain away, it causes delays in production, compromise work safety conditions and the risk of contamination is greatly increased.

L-shape and T-shape

The new channel is hygienically designed to optimise hygienic performance and cleanability, and is ideal for applications where there is a requirement to drain multiple pieces of machinery using one drainage line.

The L-shape is patented by ACO and is available for hygienic box channel widths of 200 and 300 mm.