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Hygienic drainage
and its impact on production continuity

Food safety features

The ACO hygienic drainage system is engineered to meet the most exacting hygienic standards, thereby minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination. To achieve this, we rigorously adhere to the relevant hygiene design principles that are typically reserved for food contact surfaces and are recommended by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Our product design is optimized to prevent the accumulation of food particles and debris, which can serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Additionally, our drainage system is designed to ensure a secure and hygienic connection with the surrounding floor.

The sleek slope function of our system, combined with its hygienic design, ensures that the system is fully drainable, thereby eliminating the stagnant odor that is typically associated with waste water.

Healt & Safety features

To enhance safety in high-risk areas that require heavy water usage, we offer slip-resistant ladders and cast gratings.

Each component of our drainage system has been designed for easy removal and cleaning, and features smooth edges to optimize employee safety.

Cost control features