Lately, ACO has designed and manufactured a channel drainage system for a new winery building at the Bodegas Mont-Ras in Girona, Spain. The new building has been designed to complement the country house located at the winery site while also meeting specific wine production requirements.

The ACO commercial drainage product range is designed to be cost effective without compromising cleanability, durability or flow rate performance.

ACO invests heavily in ongoing research and development with leading academic experts, end users and suppliers. One of the key projects ACO has just completed in cooperation with Sika, is a research into the issues that can arise as a result of poor floor-drainage connections.

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    DSA (Drainage System Assessment)

    The DSA identifies drainage issues found and describes their impact on production from the point of view of Hygiene, Safety (employee health and safety, and product safety risks) and Operations (operational continuity risks). The ACO Drainage System Assessment comprises a complex evaluation of the existing drainage system and surrounding environment including production and service technologies and its impact on potential risks within food processing plants. This evaluation also covers risks arising from drainage integration, and floor and wall quality.

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    BIM (Building Information Modeling)

    The building information modelling BIM represents digital transformation in construction and can effectively prevent the often insufficient flow of information in construction projects and the resulting misunderstandings and errors. The open, digital exchange of the relevant data of the construction project ensures that all stakeholders get access to the information about the project. The data is available throughout the entire lifespan of the building - from the idea, over the entire operation, to the dismantling.

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    Until now, no proper study or research has taken place to investigate the behaviour of common floor-drainage connections and develop a precise design guideline. As a result, Sika – a market-leading resin flooring company, and ACO - a leader in the development and manufacture of hygienic drainage systems, joined forces and adopted a professional and scientific approach to this issue. A three year study and research program was commissioned to provide a clear evidence-based guidance with regard to flooring-drainage connections for factory and processing facility operators.

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    Semi-standard and customized products

    ACO industrial building drainage can be easily specified in respect of project requirements. The dimensions of ACO box and slot channels for concrete, tiles and resin floor can be tailored in cooperation with our technical support team, or using any of the available drainage customisation tools.

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    Our commitment to ultimate hygienic performance

    We at ACO are committed to ultimate hygienic performance. We design solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of hygiene. As recent researches show, hygienic drainage increases performance, reduce costs for cleaning and provides Health & Safety features appropriate to specific environment’s purpose. Our complete portfolio allows us to safely control water as it passes along the system to ensure it can be ecologically and economically reused in a viable way.

    ACO. creating the future of drainage

    The ACO Group is one of the world market leaders in drainage technology. Climate change brings us face to face with challenges to respond to new environmental influences by developing innovative solutions. With its integrated approach, ACO stands for professional drainage, economical cleaning, and the controlled release and reuse of water.