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ACO pipe
A reliable stainless steel drainpipe solution

ACO pipe is...


  • When impacted stainless steel will probably bend only, which allows to plan the repair work without having an emergency situation on site and production stop.
  • The risk of cracking in fragile materials is much higher than in stainless steel.


  • ACO pipe requires no additional firecollars at installation and produces no toxic fumes in case of fire.
  • ACO pipe is classified as Class A1, non-combustible product.


  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable (withstands installation & handling)
  • Demands less fixing points (less brackets and less work)

Thermal resistant

  • ACO pipe has low coefficient of thermal expansion when compared to plastics. The coefficient of thermal expansion is close to concrete.
  • Push – fit connection enables compensation for thermal expansion.


  • ACO pipe requires less fixing points than both plastic and Cast Iron.
  • Plastic: due to the risk of pipe sagging, good fixing is critical in plastic pipes. Requiring more fixing points and more labour.
  • Cast Iron: ACO pipe is much lighter when compared to cast Iron, making its fixation easier and quicker.


  • The use of ACO stainless steel drainage facilitates an effective and complex protection against rodents.
  • Stainless steel itself cannot be chewed-through by rodents.
  • It is recommended to use additional protection, such as rat-stop fitting, and the use foul air traps in the gullies.

ACO pipe installation

Below-ground installation

Below-ground installation

Below-ceiling installation

Below-ceiling installation

Installation notes

  • Thanks to very good thermal expansion features of stainless steel there is no need to install expansion sockets for applications with temperature under 60°C
  • For applications where temperature exceeds 60°C we recommend expansion sockets in straight parts each 15 meters
  • For applications where temperature exceeds 80°C we recommend expansion sockets in straight parts each 10 meters
  • We are ready to help you with all your specific requirements, please contact our customer service

ACO pipe varnished