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Grease separator

In catering firms in which greasy wastewater is produced, grease separation chambers to EN 1825 and DIN 4040-100 are to be installed, to ensure organic-based grease and oil in wastewater is retained and not discharged into sewers. This applies, for example, to a hotel, canteen, refectory, restaurant or even a snack bar and to all kinds of different food producers (cooking oil refinery, butcher's shop, slaughterhouse, etc.). ACO provides grease separators for freestanding installation, for mobile use or for installation in the ground. A differentiation is also made between full and partial disposal units. The oval, round or split separation chambers are made of hygienic stainless steel or polyethylene. Many accessory components such as a measuring device for measuring grease layer thicknesses, odour neutralisation or signallers with GSM module make optimal additions to your unit.

LipuMobil-P – Type 0.8

  • Applications:
    • Mobile snack bars
    • Mobile dishwashers
  • With integrated sludge trap
  • Free-standing construction in frost-free areas