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Load class

What does it really mean and how to choose it?

When selecting the correct grating for your application, careful attention must be given to number of factors. The most important challenge is selecting the right type of grating with appropriate load class. Careful consideration of this will positively influence the grating lifespan.

The grating itself is the most exposed part of gully or channel in regards to traffic. To minimize the risk of failures, a proper grating type and load class have to be considered based on the defined traffic during all future operations.

You can read and watch an explanatory video about each of the four key topics below. You can also use a grating selection guide, which will help you with the grating selection process by recommending the right grating for your application based on the input criteria.

12.5 tonne does not always equal 12.5 tonne


Laboratory tests are not the same as real life

Laboratory tests are not the same as real life when it comes to grating specification

Application is as important as the load

Gratings specification: why the application is as important as the load

Using small wheeled trolleys

Using small wheeled trolleys, then you need slot gratings