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ACO. we care for water

ACO is a Water-Tech company that protects water. Building on our global drainage expertise that protects people from water, we increasingly see our mission as also protecting water from people.

With the ACO WaterCycle, ACO provides systems that collect and channel, clean, retain and ultimately reuse water. In this way, ACO contributes to the preservation of clean groundwater as a vital resource, and makes a contribution to tomorrow’s world. In its Agenda 2030, the UN global community set the improvement of water quality as one of 17 sustainable development goals.

Intelligent drainage systems from ACO increasingly use smart technology to ensure that rainwater and wastewater are drained, or temporarily stored. With innovative separation and filter technology, we prevent water contamination by pollutants such as fat and grease, fuels, heavy metals and microplastics. Today, ACO goes one step further: we accept the challenge of reusing water, and thus establishing a resource-saving cycle. For all products and systems, ACO attaches great importance to durability, reusability and a low carbon footprint. The pursuit of sustainability is an ongoing process that we strive to meet every day.

The ACO Group is a global family business that is one of the world market leaders in the Water-Tech segment. Founded in Schleswig-Holstein in 1946, it operates as a transnational network in over 50 countries. Worldwide, ACO is characterised by a high level of decentralised ownership, and explicit regional market proximity.

Who we are

ACO is the established leader in providing drainage systems for the food service industry. Each drainage system is designed to provide maximum reliability, longevity and durability while preventing hygienic issues that can put your facility at risk. More than 60 years of drainage experience makes ACO the world-class supplier of drainage systems.

What we do

ACO drainage and grease separation systems are designed around the three most important topics for the food service industry: food safety, cost management and health & safety. We design our products to drain processed wastewater hygienically and economically, exceeding the high standards established by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

Where we are

With sales offices throughout the world and 29 modern production sites situated throughout all continents, we are fully conversant with international standards and also work extensively with key industry bodies to stay ahead of the head when it comes to creating the most modern systems available.

Why choose us

We work hand-in-hand with commercial kitchen specialists and designers to create systems suited specifically to their needs. When using ACO drainage systems you can expect optimal top performance, design with emphasis on hygienic performance, and the highest level of confidence that you are using the best drainage system on the market.