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Top section Muli-Flex

Product benefits

  • Height adjustable and rotatable
  • Appealing Voronoi- Design
  • Depending on the model, it can be used for wasgte water with or without faeces

Product information

  • Suitable for:
    • Lift plant Muli-Flex-PE
  • Cover "Voronoi-Design"
    • Odor proof locked
    • Load class: L15 (for light traffic )
    • Cover dimensions: 655 x 655 mm
    • Cover with or without integrated floor gully and foul air trap
  • Available form polyethylene or stainless steel
  • With lip seal
  • Height adjustable from 70–400 mm
  • Total installation height with Muli-Flex tank: 1,070 – 1,400 mm

application: Lifting plants for non-faecal wastewater


ImagePE/PURA 151204.00.10
ImagePE/PURK 31204.00.11
ImageEdelstahl/PURA 151204.00.12
ImageEdelstahl/PURK 31204.00.13

application: Lifting plants for faecal wastewater


ImagePE/PURA 151204.00.20
ImageEdelstahl/PURA 151204.00.21

ImagePE/PURLifting plants for non-faecal wastewaterA 151204.00.10
ImagePE/PURLifting plants for non-faecal wastewaterK 31204.00.11
ImageEdelstahl/PURLifting plants for non-faecal wastewaterA 151204.00.12
ImageEdelstahl/PURLifting plants for non-faecal wastewaterK 31204.00.13
ImagePE/PURLifting plants for faecal wastewaterA 151204.00.20
ImageEdelstahl/PURLifting plants for faecal wastewaterA 151204.00.21