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ACO hygienic slot cover

Product information

  • Certified according to EN 1433
  • Available in 1.4301 (304) or 1.4404 (316L) grades of stainless steel
  • Slip resistant solution available
  • Available for load class C 250
  • Hygienic design is not applied for this product
Grating dimensionsClassMaterialItem

Slip resistant300B 1251.4301445812
Slip resistant300B 1251.4404445813
Slip resistant300C 2501.4301445814
Slip resistant300C 2501.4404445815
Slip resistant500B 1251.4301445804
Slip resistant500B 1251.4404445805
Slip resistant500C 2501.4301445806
Slip resistant500C 2501.4404445807
Slip resistant1000B 1251.4301445808
Slip resistant1000B 1251.4404445809
Slip resistant1000C 2501.4301445810
Slip resistant1000C 2501.4404445811
Grating dimensionsClassMaterialItem

Slip resistant300 mmB 1251.4301445812
Slip resistant300 mmB 1251.4404445813
Slip resistant300 mmC 2501.4301445814
Slip resistant300 mmC 2501.4404445815
Slip resistant500 mmB 1251.4301445804
Slip resistant500 mmB 1251.4404445805
Slip resistant500 mmC 2501.4301445806
Slip resistant500 mmC 2501.4404445807
Slip resistant1000 mmB 1251.4301445808
Slip resistant1000 mmB 1251.4404445809
Slip resistant1000 mmC 2501.4301445810
Slip resistant1000 mmC 2501.4404445811