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Online advertising

In today’s world, online advertising is essential, and our competitors know it. Our market is specific and therefore needs a specific approach that external agencies might struggle to find, leading to questions of cost efficiency. So we developed an internal advertising team that is ready to support you.

Our team is committed to enhancing brand awareness, sales performance and other goals by using a variety of online advertising tools structured according to your specific goals and local market needs.

‘Online’ means more than a Google search. For a business, the online environment is the easiest way to reach a high number of customers in a short time.

Through our global experience with campaigns for ACO sales organisations worldwide, we can prepare precision campaigns that will fulfil its purpose and help you achieve your goals.

Online advertising tools

Advertising platforms

Which platform is the best for you?

Google ads

How does a Google ads campaign work?

Google ads campaign ensures that potential customers find what they're looking for when they conduct searches on Google.

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Social media ads

How does a social media ads campaign work?

Social media ads campaign guarantees that your offer is seen by the right target group.

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Cold outreach

How does a cold outreach campaign work?

Cold outreach campaign helps you find new relevant leads, which would be otherwise hidden in the mass.

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We are able to cover any and all aspects of a campaign, always with full transparency and the emphasis on achieving the goals of the sales organisation. Campaigns for products from ACO CZ are free of charge.

Unlock Success: Tailored Campaigns for Your Goals

Each campaign is meticulously tailored to suit local specifications. With your market knowledge and our skills, tools, and experience in the online world, we will create a precision campaign that effectively fulfills its intended purpose.

My team and I are dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate for your success.

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Lukáš Doleček

Head of On-line Digital Communication