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Cold outreach

During past several years we have been using online advertising to enhance our online presence, fight competitors and increase sales. During that time, we have learned, that online advertising is a necessary tool to prosper in today’s modern world, especially for lead acquisition.

For many topics, online advertising is an optimal solution, but there are a few blind spots: search volume is too low, target group too small, the product, brand or service not known, these are symptoms of niche market strategy.

Our mission was to find a tool that will fill this gap. It's called Cold outreach strategy. This strategy is allowing us to handpick individuals, which would be otherwise hidden in the mass.

What is a cold outreach campaign?

Cold lead is a potential customer that has had no prior relationship with ACO. A successful "cold outreach" plan uses personalised emails or phone calls to maximise efficiency. It‘s a chain of actions and tools for precise targeting and reaching potential customers, similar to an individual key account approach.

The keywords of this type of campaign are precision, personalized approach, efficiency, and low cost.

When implemented correctly, this system can be one of the most effective ways in getting leads, clients, and sales.

GDPR compliance

Our database for finding contacts is GDPR compliant as it has achieved a SOC 2 and ISO 27001 security accreditation report.

GDPR cites “direct marketing” as an example of a likely “legitimate interest”. This means that if you are conducting a cold outreach campaign for direct marketing purposes, you are able to rely on legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing personal data.

Our goal is to ensure relevant communication, which allows us to apply the exception for legitimate interest as defined by GDPR. If our communication is relevant for the target group, then we are in accordance with this legal framework.

How does a cold outreach campaign work?

All the previous steps are necessary to guarantee:

  • High delivery rate
  • High open & reply rate
  • High engagement
  • Precision targeting
  • Authenticity
  • Avoidance of spam filters

What can you achieve with a cold outreach campaign?

  • New high quality leads

Do you want to know more?

Our case studies

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Grease Management

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Poland – Service

Drainage System Assessment

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Canada – Event

Lunch & Learn Invitations

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Evaluation of 3 case studies

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"In the campaign, we targeted the entire F&B industry hierarchy, from general managers to restaurant and hotel chefs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Despite initial concerns about the relevance of contacts, the majority turned out to be active contacts, with only a few emails undelivered.

The biggest surprise was that we received the most responses from the target group of General Managers, who are top management and also have the highest decision-making authority. Our colleagues from the sales department immediately contacted them, and price quotes were sent to all 7 contacts. Most of the quotes were accepted, and delivery is expected to take place during the year 2024, following planned construction modifications.

I especially appreciate the quality of the database. We are also thrilled that we were able to directly contact decision-makers, speeding up the entire process and avoiding further approvals. Without the database, it would have been challenging to obtain valuable information such as email or phone numbers.

According to some reactions, it was also evident that we contacted them at the right time, for example, when the director himself was dealing with a smelly competitor's separator.

Given the quality of the contacts, we would definitely like to continue similar campaigns in the future. Finally, I would like to praise the excellent cooperation with the online advertising team."

„Upon receiving the proposal regarding participation in the cold outreach campaign for DSA, we made the decision to support the process as quickly as possible and to supplement the received data before sending it out.

The contact database included individuals responsible for managing and supervising hygiene, maintenance, and production processes in food facilities across Poland.

Concerns regarding the database were quickly resolved.

After receiving each resply, we promptly contacted the interested parties. High level of collaboration and speed proved to be crucial for the success of the campaign.

Sales process is currently ongoing as we continue to collaborate with Plant Directors, High-Quality Managers, Production Managers, and Hygiene Departments to ensure the delivery of optimal solutions. Nevertheless, the leads are of high quality and we will update any additional information as soon as the process is finished.

We eagerly await participation in future projects.

Great job. Right direction. We want more and can't wait."

"Thank you so much for you help, support and professionalism with the mass email marketing initiative!

According to our review, we can consider this campaign a good success, primarily based on the number of education seminars it generated – 2 of them already delivered.

I can also add that there is value in awareness creation with recipients who received our message but not reacted in any way, we just can’t measure what it is, but I know it is there."

Unlock Success: Tailored Campaigns for Your Goals

Each campaign is meticulously tailored to suit local specifications. With your market knowledge and our skills, tools, and experience in the online world, we will create a precision campaign that effectively fulfills its intended purpose.

My team and I are dedicated to supporting you in achieving your goals. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate for your success.

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Head of On-line Digital Communication