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Product benefits

  • Tested and certified according to EN 1253-4, Uniface DEEP according to EN124
  • Tested with space for tiles 15 mm (competitors covers tested completely filled with concrete)
  • Bolt locked – child safety
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Small corner parts
  • Secure installation – good connection with concrete (profiled frame or anchors)
  • Discreet product after installation
  • Easy tool for opening and manipulation
  • Water-tight and odour-tight

Product information

  • Lightweight cover with structural composite infill (no concrete necessary)
  • Load capacity L 15 with 15 mm thick tiles
  • Weight of installed cover reduced to 1/2 compare to shallow AL cover
  • Easy manipulation
  • One man operation
  • Secure and time saving installation
  • No risk – load capacity always guaranteedn
Clear area (A x B)Frame dimension (C x D)Frame height (E)Space for final floorClassMaterialItem

200 x 200300 x 3005015L 15Aluminium415157
300 x 300400 x 4005015L 15Aluminium415158
400 x 400500 x 5005015L 15Aluminium415159
450 x 450550 x 5505015L 15Aluminium445699
500 x 500600 x 6005015L 15Aluminium415160
600 x 450550 x 7005015L 15Aluminium445700
600 x 600700 x 7005015L 15Aluminium415161
Clear area (A x B)Frame dimension (C x D)Frame height (E)Space for final floorClassMaterialItem

200 x 200 mm300 x 300 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium415157
300 x 300 mm400 x 400 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium415158
400 x 400 mm500 x 500 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium415159
450 x 450 mm550 x 550 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium445699
500 x 500 mm600 x 600 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium415160
600 x 450 mm550 x 700 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium445700
600 x 600 mm700 x 700 mm50 mm15 mmL 15Aluminium415161