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Product benefits

  • Strong supports are welded underneath of the cover
  • Load capacity up to load class D400 for all clear openings up to 1 m
  • No concrete or any other additional structural infill necessary

Product information

  • Option with opening assistance
  • One man operation, hinges, gas springs (installed afterwards from safety reasons)
  • Locked by two bolts
  • Stainless steel version available on request (1.4301 or 1.4571)
  • Sealed for water and odour tight
Clear area (A x B)Frame dimension (C x D)Frame height (E)Cover depthClassWeightMaterialItem

400 x 400539 x 574144120D 40056.3Galvanised steel445631
500 x 500639 x 674144120D 40076.1Galvanised steel445632
600 x 600739 x 774144120D 40097.7Galvanised steel445633
700 x 700839 x 874144120D 400119.8Galvanised steel445634
800 x 800939 x 974144120D 400144.2Galvanised steel445635
900 x 9001039 x 1074144120D 400169.6Galvanised steel445636
1000 x 10001139 x 1174144120D 400195.8Galvanised steel445637
Clear area (A x B)Frame dimension (C x D)Frame height (E)Cover depthClassWeightMaterialItem

400 x 400 mm539 x 574 mm144 mm120 mmD 40056.3 kgGalvanised steel445631
500 x 500 mm639 x 674 mm144 mm120 mmD 40076.1 kgGalvanised steel445632
600 x 600 mm739 x 774 mm144 mm120 mmD 40097.7 kgGalvanised steel445633
700 x 700 mm839 x 874 mm144 mm120 mmD 400119.8 kgGalvanised steel445634
800 x 800 mm939 x 974 mm144 mm120 mmD 400144.2 kgGalvanised steel445635
900 x 900 mm1039 x 1074 mm144 mm120 mmD 400169.6 kgGalvanised steel445636
1000 x 1000 mm1139 x 1174 mm144 mm120 mmD 400195.8 kgGalvanised steel445637