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Sludge trap for Coalisator-P

Product benefits

  • Optional direct suction for retrofitting
    • Can be combined with separately available light liquid separators
  • Can be used to collect a number of sediments

Product information

  • Separate sludge trap for light liquid separator Coalisator-P
    • Necessary to operate the system
  • For below ground installation made of polyethylene
  • Feed calming made of polyethylene
  • With height-adjustable top section
  • Cover
    • Made of cast iron
    • Load class: B 125
  • Inlet and outlet: Nominal width DN 100
  • Inlet invert (T): 460 – 915 mm
    • Can be shortened every 45 mm
Scale drawing
TypeSludge trapDimensionsWeightItem

Scale drawing
TypeSludge trapDimensionsWeightItem

150150 l455 mm405 mm33 kg3900.10.20
300300 l815 mm765 mm43 kg3900.10.21