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Everything you need to design a healthy kitchen

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As a kitchen designer, you know that wastewater that's rich in fats, oils and grease (FOG) can have a negative effect on any business if it's discharged down the drain. FOG can solidify, block pipework, create unpleasant odours and hygienic environment in kitchen.

The specification of an effective floor drainage and grease management system aids cleaning and helps create a productive and ultimately healthy kitchen environment.
A well designed kitchen with an effective waste water system benefits its customers, owners, workers and the environment.

Standard grease separation

ACO offers the most comprehensive range of grease separators on the market. Our products come in a wide range of sizes and our range includes both free-standing solutions and those suitable for below-ground applications. This means we can provide commercial kitchen operators with a grease management solution that perfectly meets their requirements regardless of the amount of wastewater being produced. The depth of our range means operators are not forced to purchase a bigger, more expensive separator than they require in order to meet their needs.

  • Industry standard
  • Protection of the sewer system
  • Main separation step
  • EN 1825 separators

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Advanced grease separation

ACO´s free-standing kitchen solution is designed to protect the building itself. Ithelps prevent the build-up of FOG in floor drainage and pipework. This solution can be also used in foodservice establishments where space is limited and a larger grease separator cannot be installed.

  • Pre treatment of FOG
  • Protection of inner building pipes, prevention of blockages
  • Prolong the maintenance period for large first degree separator
  • Increase separation time

An easy-to-clean floor and drainage system

The ACO floor drainage product range is developed to provide a cost effective solution for any commercial kitchen.

In high temperature applications where there are frequent cleaning requirements, we recommend the use of a fully stainless steel solution with an easy-to-remove foul air trap.
In applications where floor cleaning is infrequent and the amount of waste water generated is not so large, it is possible to use a combination of stainless steel and plastic gully solutions.

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