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Fire protection-channel body ACO ShowerDrain E+, Installation height top edge screed: 53/56 – 97 mm (DIN EN 1253‑1)

Product benefits

  • Optional sealable diffusion openings
  • Sealing sleeve attached in the factory
  • Meets the maximum water impact class W3-I according to DIN 18534
  • Fulfils all sound insulation levels (Sst I-III to VDI 4100)
  • Completely pre-assembled and guaranteed to be leaktight
  • Electro-polished, dirt-repellent surfaces
  • Fire resistance class
    • R 30 – R 120 without Fit-in
    • R 30 – R 120 with Fit-in
  • German approval abZ: Z-19.17-2181

Product information

  • Channel body made of stainless steel, surface electro-polished
  • Load class K3 (Tested to EN 1253-1)
  • Fire protection: In connection with separate fire protection gully body
    • German approval abZ: Z-19.17-2181
  • Noise control: Sound insulation accessories included in the scope of supply
  • Assembly: Modular system in connection with separate gully bodies
  • Height-adjustability: 39 mm by means of height-adjustable bases
  • Visible width: 84 mm, grating width 80 mm
  • Tile frame:
    • Height 12 mm
  • With integrated diffusion openings
  • Flange version: Moulded on
  • Sealing sleeve attached in the factory, with 70 mm overlap
  • Scope of supply: Channel body, fixing material, height adjustment

Fire protection

Fire resistance class R 30 – R 120 without Fit-In and R 30 – R 90 with Fit-in. Approval has been applied for.

Without wall flange



Image700 mm800 mm187 mm9010.77.43
Image800 mm900 mm187 mm9010.77.44
Image900 mm1000 mm187 mm9010.77.45
Image1000 mm1100 mm187 mm9010.77.46
Image1200 mm1300 mm187 mm9010.77.47

9010.72.00: Hair trap

Suitable for
  • ACO ShowerDrain E+; C
  • To prevent pipes becoming clogged with hair
  • Made from plastic, material PP
  • Simple removal and cleaning
  • Suitable for retro-fitting
  • Reduces the discharge value by 0.2 l/s
  • Weight: 0.1 kg