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Below-sink grease separator now available

NEWS / 11 / 5 / 2018

ACO has launched its AGT-40 grease trap – a below-sink grease trap which can be used in commercial kitchens and other foodservice establishments where space is limited and internal pipework needs to be protected.

The AGT-40 grease trap prevents grease and food waste from entering the waste water pipes and causing pipe blockages which can not only be disruptive but importantly can also compromise hygiene.

The new grease trap works with a biological activator to optimise separation efficiency and is available in either mobile or stationary designs to suit individual customer requirements. Both designs are manufactured from stainless steel to optimise hygienic performance and durability, and both include levelling feet to make cleaning easier.

For more information about ACO’s new range of grease traps, visit ACO grease separators