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ACO launches extended vertical edge & PUR edge infill

NEWS / 11 / 5 / 2018

A new extended vertical edge, for use with floor tiles that are 18mm deep, and a PUR Infill for use in areas with a medium traffic load are now available from ACO. The new products are the latest in a series introduced by ACO this year.

Designed to enable floor tile installer to create a good quality connection between drainage and flooring tiles of 18mm thickness, the new 20mm vertical edge also enables easy channel and gully installation when this thickness of floor tile is required. It provides superior load resistance up to Load Class N250 and eliminates the need to apply or cure an infill during installation. It is ideal for use in applications including the beverage industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The new PUR infill also improves hygienic performance by filling any gaps between the tiles and drainage channel or gullies which could harbour bacterial.

For more information about ACO’s new extended vertical edge, visit ACO hygienic gully