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ACO Building Drainage Product Launch 2019

Every year, ACO Building Drainage launches innovative additions to its product portfolio which improve the performance of its products and systems. This year is no exception and we’re pleased to announce the introduction of new design features which make our products even easier to install and to integrate with flooring systems.

The new ACO gully 157 with round top, revised L-profile edge, a brand new channel stabilizing set is now available along with a new kerb PB plain 100 mm high variant.

The new products have been launched because we understand that having a high quality product alone is not enough. It is essential that drainage and kerb products are designed to optimise functionality at every stage of a project, from initial design to completion. As we have no control over the installation process, they must also be designed to be easy to handle and quick to install. The installation stage of a project is critical to its overall success and our products have been designed to help avoid unintentional installation errors and the resulting issues that they cause.

ACO products are also designed so they integrate effectively with different flooring systems and, by doing so, prevent any compromise in hygienic performance. The new ACO gully 157 with round top and kerb PB products further improve our already strong performance in this area.

ACO channel installation video

When it comes to point drainage with a standard edge suitable for resinous floor types, ACO has traditionally equipped its industrial stainless steel gullies with rectangular gully tops. This design provides more retention capacity while ensuring the gully was of a compact size.

It has been argued that a rectangular top is not suitable for use with an industrial resin flooring system as it is likely to form cracks near to the sharp edges of the drain. In reality there is only a slight chance of this happening and issues are often caused by poor installation.

Round gully tops are beneficial, however, for aesthetic reasons. A round top design will complement traditional factory design and means that gully tops do not need to be geometrically aligned with their surroundings, saving valuable time and money.

A round top gully design is also available for telescopic solutions along with various round gratings. The round gully range will also be expanded further next year with introduction of a round topped ACO Gully 218.

The L-profile edge has been a configurable semi-standard optional edge for ACO gullies and channels for some time. Historically it was available as a special customised option for specific projects before it was officially introduced as a semi-standard design option in 2017.

Click the link below to read the research which underpins the launch of the L-profile edge design:

  • SIKA research

Since its official launch in 2017, the L-profile edge has been specified for many different projects in the following market segments:

The new version of L-profile edge is easier and faster to install. The L-profile is no longer attached to the channel edge using pins and the new filling protects the gap from building material debris. See the whole installation procedure in the installation manual below, or the video above.

During hot and cold water intervals, the drainage body expands and contracts respectively. Tension acumulated in the stainless steel caused by this stress progresses itself alongside the adjacent concrete, causing channel to be pushed in the upward direction. The new design of L-profile holder firmly holds the channel in place and negates any movement of visible edge, as visualised in the diagram below.

When long sections of ACO channel are installed above ground level, the channel system can become unstable. This is especially true when EasyFix levelling feet are used to elevate the channel sections.

The ACO EasyFix stabilizing set provides a simple solution to this issue. It eliminates any movement caused by longer channel feet, stabilizing long sections of drainage and eliminating any possible movement. This solution is very beneficial during the concreting stage of a project, when channel must withstand a variety of forces which are caused by the movement and later hardening of the concrete.

The ACO EasyFix stabilizing set is offered as an accessory for channels up to 800 mm wide.

The ACO kerb portfolio has been expanded to include a 100 mm high ACO kerb PB variant.

The new design has the same properties as the previously introduced 200 mm and 300 mm variants and was developed especially for use in the commercial sector.