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The simplest treatment method of removing pollutants from stormwater before it leaves the urban environment is sedimentation. Sedimentation removes suspended solids (particles) and any associated bound pollutants. Around 75% of chemical pollution, such as metals and residual oils, is attached to sediments.

Sedimentation devices can be used either independently or as a preliminary stage in stormwater treatment. Implementing them in stormwater management solutions can extend the service life of downstream products and shorten their maintenance intervals (blockage of ACO Filter Media Storm/Storm+, Stormbrixx).

ACO Stormsed

The ACO Stormsed stormwater treatment unit captures and retains pollutants, such as fine sediment and residual oils. It is a modern solution for applications with a low risk of high mineral oil spillage, making it ideal for use on streets and car parks where compliance with EN 858 is not required.

ACO Stormsed is also an ideal treatment element to be connected to attenuation systems or used for pre-treatment with the Stormclean stormwater filter.

ACO Stormsed Vortex

ACO Stormsed Vortex enables sedimentation through hydrodynamic or vortex separation. Designed according to NJDEP specifications, the patented solution can remove up to 80% of pollutants and capture 100% of floatables. The unique design of ACO Stormsed Vortex separates high flows from captured sediment, allowing it to treat a wide range of flow rates from sites of less than 1,000 sqm to over 20,000 sqm depending on the country of specification.

Its small footprint requires less excavation during installation, and variable connection outlet angles are available. Vortex flow allows Stormsed Vortex to operate at high treatment flow rates without the hydraulic shortcutting or sediment remobilisation issues found in other sedimentation technologies, making it perfect for high flow applications!