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ACO Passavant flat roof gully made of cast iron

Climate effects are increasingly extreme. Summer is now characterised by dry periods with heat followed by intensive rainfall and frost periods alternate with positive temperatures in Winter. The weather is unpredictable. This factor has to be considered when planning drainage for flat roofs.

ACO provides a future-proofed solution for safe and modern architecture with its innovative Passavant cast iron flat roof drainage system. The robust and variable gullies can be planned optimally and are simple to install. This means that a modern and future-proofed roof drainage system can be implemented for almost any flat roof structure. And it’s good to know that our team can provide expert advise at every stage of the process from planning through to execution of our systems.

The perfect system

Compact design

  • Flat flange for optimal adjustment
  • Compact recess dimensions
  • Core drilling diameter of only 160 mm

Variable installation

  • A solution for all types of roofs
  • Simple on-site height adjustment via an adjustment ring
  • Can also be utilised as emergency drainage

Guaranteed fire protection

  • Cast iron is non-flammable – Building Material Class A1
  • Integrated fire protection without additional time and effort
  • Smoke stop function for maximum safety
  • Fire protection for roof thickness as of 150 mm

Permanent resistance

  • Extremely resistant to weather and UV light
  • Resistant to all temperature ranges
  • Very high compressive strength of above 700 N/mm²
  • Material compatibility with all sealing or waterproofing membranes

No matter what occurs

Modular cast iron system

Cast iron flat roof gullies