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ACO ShowerDrain bath gullies

ACO ShowerDrain bath gullies are the right choice with their round or square stainless steel gratings and their impressive drainage performance. ACO offers a range of plastic gullies and stainless steel gullies. For this products there is a selection of many elegant surfaces. In larger bathrooms or in the commercial sector gullies and shower channels can be combined because of the homogeneous design image.

ShowerDrain bath gully portfolio

ACO ShowerDrain bath gullies (manufactured from plastic and stainless steel) are used in areas where both style and functionality are needed including walk-in bathrooms, swimming pools and showers in sports facilities. ACO ShowerDrain gullies deliver the high levels of drainage performance required to handle powerful shower units.

The system’s modular building-block design ensures that the right system can be created to deal with every type of installation challenge.

Depending on their shape, ACO stainless steel gratings sit on top of round or square topped gully sections, which can be supplied with a thin bed flange. The top sections can in turn be placed on top of all plastic bath gullies. In addition a fire prevention safety mechanism can be installed. The top sections of stainless steel gullies can be rotated and their height can be telescopically adjusted for easy levelling with the finished floor. It is also possible to specify up to three lateral inlets under the foul air trap.

With high-quality ACO ShowerDrain bath gullies such as ACO Easyflow or EG-point 150, you can add a sense of style to a wetroom or bathroom. You have a choice of round, square and lockable designer gratings made from high-quality electro-polished stainless steel.

ACO bathroom gullies can create a high quality design finish and, in the case of the tiled grating, our products can be very discrete.