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Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd

ACO Group the leading company in the field of drainage succeeds with India’s largest vaccine producer

Laboratories and vaccine producers have been running at more than full capacity in recent months. As the world battles with Covid-19, and thankfully due to finding an effective remedy, the demand for rapid and effective serum production has grown exponentially. The Serum Institute of India is one of the world’s largest producers, with a capacity of over 1.5 billion vaccines. It is for this producer that ACO Group came up with a superior drainage system, meeting stringent hygienic requirements.

Almost all laboratories and vaccine manufacturers in the world have joined the fight against coronavirus with great commitment. This requires experienced teams and state-of-the-art equipment. It is not only about laboratory equipment, it is also important to ensure the running of the building itself and the actual production facility. Everything is subject to the most stringent hygienic requirements, which often exceed the standards prescribed by legislation. In order to meet with these strict standards, sometimes products and technologies have to travel halfway around the world before they are installed at the designated site. This was also the case for products from the ACO Přibyslav production plant in Czech Republic, with combined forces from ACO India, which newly became an integral part of the Serum Institute of India.

Project nameSerum Institute India Pvt. Ltd
- Manjri Pune plant expansion (SEZ plant)
BrandCyrus Poonawalla Group
InvestorCyrus Poonawalla Group
City of installationPune
Country of installationIndia
Commissioning date2021
ACO sales organizationACO India
SegmentPharmaceutical industry

Drainage for production lines

The solution that ACO implemented in India was required for the expansion of existing production and due to a need for increase in capacity.

“We supplied drainage to the kitchen facilities and for the production lines. An important role was played by the individual design solutions. We were able to win the contract thanks to the sophisticated hygienic design and construction of ACO pipes, which are installed using a push-fit system as opposed to standard welding. It was also decided by our long-term cooperation with the consultant and general contractor,” stated Prasanna Kumar, Managing Director of ACO India.

The Serum Institute of India is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines, which are exported all over the world. Their Biotechnology Park covers an area of 42 acres and uses the latest technology in order to meet the requirements of regulators, whether they are set by European, Australian, US or Japanese authorities. In view of the current situation in India, Covid-19 vaccines produced here will be preferentially used in Indian vaccination centres.

In addition to the currently-in-demand vaccines against Covid-19, the institute also specializes in vaccines against children’s diseases. For example, serums against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis are produced here. An estimated 65 percent of the world’s children receive at least one vaccine produced at this Indian institute in their lifetime. Vaccines from the Serum Institute of India are accredited by the World Health Organization, based in Geneva, and are used in about 170 countries around the world as part of national immunization programs.

The door to the pharmaceutical industry

In cooperating with such a major vaccine producer, the door has opened for ACO to further provide effective drainage solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Once again, ACO has confirmed that its products can stand up to use in such demanding and specific operations, as was required here. In addition, ACO Přibyslav managed the contract not only in terms of production, but also logistically. “Some of the products we supplied directly from India, and some, mainly pipes, from Přibyslav, in Czech Republic. Despite the complexity of transportation, we did not encounter any problems.” Brett Ira, Head of International Key Account Management.

“At ACO, we put hygiene first. Our products and solutions are developed to meet even the most demanding hygiene conditions. Proof of this are successfully implemented projects in various areas around the world. I am proud that we have succeeded even in such a challenging environment as the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it is a Serum Institute of India project or a project we have recently implemented for BioNTech in Germany. I am pleased that we are part of something as extraordinary as the production of vaccines that help protect billions of people around the world,” concludes Jan Císek, Subgroup Manager ACO CZI.

Main achievements of the project

  • The design proposal and eventual solution, which met stringent hygienic criteria.
  • A high level of coordination between the consultant, supplier, and client.
  • Complete system solution from site survey through to installation.
  • A solution reflecting all the client’s requirements and saving their time.
  • Great value in terms of cost, quality, sustainability and return on investment.

ACO Products

  • ACO SS Pipe With Double EPDM Gasket
  • ACO Hygienic Channel System
  • ACO Mesh Grating
  • ACO Telescopic Gully 157
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