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LAHOFER winery

Modern ACO technologies help produce wine at the LAHOFER winery

For wine to be truly delicious, it requires the best care. The production process is very demanding on water consumption, hygiene and proper drainage. That’s why the best winemakers require the best production equipment. One of the most successful wineries in the Czech Republic is the LAHOFER winery, which manages 430 hectares of vineyards in the Znojmo region. A new wave-shaped building was recently built at the winery, which harmonises with the surrounding vineyards. Inside is modern equipment provided by ACO.

The Znojmo region is known for its excellent wine and LAHOFER winery is one of the most successful growers and producers in the area, as evidenced by a number of awards, like being named winery of the year in 2020. Behind this success is honest work, commitment, a love of traditional craftsmanship and detailed knowledge in the field. Modern facilities enable the creation of wine in the most hygienic conditions.

Project nameLAHOFER winery
BrandLAHOFER winery
InvestorLAHOFER winery
City of installationDobšice
Country of installationCzech Republic
Commissioning date2019
ACO sales organizationACO Czech Republic
SegmentFood & Beverage Industry

Winery in harmony with nature

The construction of the company’s new headquarters at its U Hájku vineyard began in autumn 2017 and was completed in two years. It impresses with its unique architectural design as the organic shape gently undulates like the surrounding landscape of picturesque vineyards. The building includes administrative offices, tasting rooms and wine shops, together with production facility, where some of the best wines in the Czech Republic are made. The building was designed in the Brno studio of Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištov and expresses respect for winemaking and its tradition. Respect for wine production is also evident in the building’s interior. All sorts of things remain hidden at first glance, but it does not detract from the importance of technology. Exactly opposite. Water, waste management and internal drainage are important in wine production. LAHOFER winery entrusted ACO wtih the supply of these technologies. “We supplied slotted channels and gullies with a highly hygienic design. Full support for the project is an ACO standard, and in this case involved implementing drainage for all parts of the winemaking process, - from the press, through the cellars with tanks to the bottling lines, ” says Klára Kalinová from ACO about the project.

Technology for good wine

Winemakers have different technological requirements for processing wine. ACO drainage systems are designed to meet stringent requirements, and hygiene must always be at the highest level. “Our drainage systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. This protects the wine against harmful bacteria that can appear in drainage and sewerage and become a possible source of contamination, “ adds Klára Kalinová.

ACO products also respect the aesthetic design requirements that are inextricably linked to wine production. This helps create a product that is an essential part of human cultural heritage and whose history dates back thousands of years. Cheers to good health, tradition and honest work.

ACO Products

  • ACO hygienic gullies
  • ACO modular slot channels
  • ACO hygienic ladder gratings
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