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Software development

We are committed to developing software solutions to boost your business, streamline internal processes and unlock the potential to specify products and systems.

We know how to automate technical drawings both for your customers and for the machines in your production hall. Together with drawings we also automate price calculations and data distribution across systems.

Our specification tools take the user experience to a new level. Our mission is to find the right ACO product, often from a complex portfolio, for your customers within a few simple steps.

Streamlining process automation

Since 2014 we have developed software for ACO and with it an extensive knowledge of ACO products, processes and region-specific needs. We feel strongly about enabling connections across various systems within your organisation to streamline and automate manual processes.

Our expertise

  • Selection guides for standard products (including stock level integration, ERP integration and pricing)
  • Configurator for customised products (including technical drawings and pricing)
  • Layout planner specification tools

  • Automated BIM file creation

  • Linking specification tools and configurators to your ERP and CRM
  • All tools we create are equipped with advanced user metrics

Our team and competencies

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The flat rate for our services is 90 EUR/hour.


Digital Development Manager
Dalibor Šulc