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Cleaning pipes

Product benefits

ACO pipe used toggether with other ACO drainage products provides complex building drainage solution:

  • Hygienic design following EN 1672, EN ISO 14159 and EHEDG document 8, 13 and 44
  • Resistant to thermal and dynamic shocks
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective installation
  • Sagging-proof
  • Non-combustible
  • Rodent-proof

Product information

  • Stainless steel ACO pipe system is designed for gray and black water, rainwater and industrial waste water drainage applications
  • Suitable for both syphonic, vacuum and gravity drainage solutions
  • Double lip seal push-fit connection for easy and reliable installation
Nominal pipe sizeDimensionsSealMaterialWeightItem

DN 757513990EPDM1.43010.5098913
DN 110110183117EPDM1.43010.8098915
DN 125125210135EPDM1.43010.91419783
DN 160160288184EPDM1.43012.3098917
DN 200200293186EPDM1.43013.70419676
DN 250250290184EPDM1.44044.00417128
DN 315250340228EPDM1.44048.90417214
Nominal sizeDimensionsSealMaterialWeightItem

DN 7575 mm139 mm90 mmEPDM1.43010.50 kg98913
130 mm90 mmEPDM1.44040.50 kg98963
DN 110110 mm183 mm117 mmEPDM1.43010.80 kg98915
1.44040.80 kg98965
DN 125125 mm210 mm135 mmEPDM1.43010.91 kg419783
1.44040.91 kg419785
DN 160160 mm288 mm184 mmEPDM1.43012.30 kg98917
1.44042.30 kg98967
DN 200200 mm293 mm186 mmEPDM1.43013.70 kg419676
1.44043.70 kg419678
DN 250250 mm290 mm184 mmEPDM1.44044.00 kg417128
DN 315250 mm340 mm228 mmEPDM1.44048.90 kg417214
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