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Bend 45°

Product benefits

ACO pipe used toggether with other ACO drainage products provides complex building drainage solution:

  • Hygienic design following EN 1672, EN ISO 14159 and EHEDG document 8, 13 and 44
  • Resistant to thermal and dynamic shocks
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective installation
  • Sagging-proof
  • Non-combustible
  • Rodent-proof

Product information

  • Stainless steel ACO pipe system is designed for gray and black water, rainwater and industrial waste water drainage applications
  • Suitable for both syphonic, vacuum and gravity drainage solutions
  • Double lip seal push-fit connection for easy and reliable installation
Nominal pipe sizeAngle αDimensionsMaterialSealWeightItem

DN 4045°4058211.4301EPDM0.20417344
DN 5045°5062241.4301EPDM0.2098708
DN 5045°5062241.4301Viton®0.2098709
DN 5045°5062241.4404EPDM0.2098758
DN 5045°5062241.4404Viton®0.2098759
DN 7545°7576321.4301EPDM0.3098710
DN 7545°7576321.4301Viton®0.3098711
DN 7545°7576321.4404EPDM0.3098760
DN 7545°7576321.4404Viton®0.3098761
DN 11045°11093421.4301EPDM0.5098712
DN 11045°11093421.4301Viton®0.5098713
DN 11045°11093421.4404EPDM0.5098762
DN 11045°11093421.4404Viton®0.5098763
DN 12545°125110501.4301EPDM0.60419736
DN 12545°125110501.4301Viton®0.60419737
DN 12545°125110501.4404EPDM0.60419738
DN 12545°125110501.4404Viton®0.60419739
DN 16045°160131551.4301EPDM1.3098714
DN 16045°160131551.4301Viton®1.3098715
DN 16045°160131551.4404EPDM1.3098764
DN 16045°160131551.4404Viton®1.3098765
DN 20045°200152601.4301EPDM2.70419407
DN 20045°200152601.4301Viton®2.70419408
DN 20045°200152601.4404EPDM2.70419409
DN 20045°200152601.4404Viton®2.70419410
DN 25045°250177761.4404EPDM4.10417092
DN 25045°250177761.4404Viton®4.10417094
DN 31545°315199911.4404EPDM7.20417205
Nominal sizeAngle αDimensionsSealMaterialWeightItem

DN 4045°40 mm58 mm21 mmEPDM1.43010.20 kg417344
1.44040.20 kg417352
DN 5045°50 mm62 mm24 mmEPDM1.43010.20 kg98708
DN 5045°50 mm62 mm24 mmViton®1.43010.20 kg98709
DN 5045°50 mm62 mm24 mmEPDM1.44040.20 kg98758
DN 5045°50 mm62 mm24 mmViton®1.44040.20 kg98759
DN 7545°75 mm76 mm32 mmEPDM1.43010.30 kg98710
DN 7545°75 mm76 mm32 mmViton®1.43010.30 kg98711
DN 7545°75 mm76 mm32 mmEPDM1.44040.30 kg98760
DN 7545°75 mm76 mm32 mmViton®1.44040.30 kg98761
DN 11045°110 mm93 mm42 mmEPDM1.43010.50 kg98712
DN 11045°110 mm93 mm42 mmViton®1.43010.50 kg98713
DN 11045°110 mm93 mm42 mmEPDM1.44040.50 kg98762
DN 11045°110 mm93 mm42 mmViton®1.44040.50 kg98763
DN 12545°125 mm110 mm50 mmEPDM1.43010.60 kg419736
DN 12545°125 mm110 mm50 mmViton®1.43010.60 kg419737
DN 12545°125 mm110 mm50 mmEPDM1.44040.60 kg419738
DN 12545°125 mm110 mm50 mmViton®1.44040.60 kg419739
DN 16045°160 mm131 mm55 mmEPDM1.43011.30 kg98714
DN 16045°160 mm131 mm55 mmViton®1.43011.30 kg98715
DN 16045°160 mm131 mm55 mmEPDM1.44041.30 kg98764
DN 16045°160 mm131 mm55 mmViton®1.44041.30 kg98765
DN 20045°200 mm152 mm60 mmEPDM1.43012.70 kg419407
DN 20045°200 mm152 mm60 mmViton®1.43012.70 kg419408
DN 20045°200 mm152 mm60 mmEPDM1.44042.70 kg419409
DN 20045°200 mm152 mm60 mmViton®1.44042.70 kg419410
DN 25045°250 mm177 mm76 mmEPDM1.44044.10 kg417092
DN 25045°250 mm177 mm76 mmViton®1.44044.10 kg417094
DN 31545°315 mm199 mm91 mmEPDM1.44047.20 kg417205