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Straight shower channels | Channels, gratings and covers

Product benefits

  • Gully body selectively made of stainless steel or cast iron
  • Can be combined with a fire protection gully
  • Optional seepage water drainage
  • Stepless height-adjustable

Product information

  • Stainless steel, surface pickle passivated
  • Tested according to to EN 1253‑1
  • Product class: A (EN 1253‑1)
  • Load class: K3 (EN 1253‑1)
  • Installation: modular system in combination with separate gully body
  • Height-adjustability: 30 mm - 140 mm, with respect to selected gully body
  • Visible width: 110 mm
  • Channel width inside: 107 mm
  • Frame for tiles:
    • Height: 15 mm
    • With integrated diffusion vents for secondary drainage
  • Flange design: flange is part of the channel (one piece), factory-bonded membrane with 60 mm overlapping
  • Scope of delivery channel body: feet for height-adjustability, combination ring for stainless steel gully ACO Variant-CR 142


Please note:

Customiszed design up to 5,000 mm on request

When combining the channel with ACO gully body 5150.90.20 a sealing ring 5150.90.20 must be ordered separately

Without wall flange

DimensionsNumber of gullysItem


Image1500 mm1600 mm210 mm9011.60.16
Image2000 mm2100 mm210 mm9011.60.21
Image2500 mm2600 mm210 mm9011.60.26
Image3000 mm3100 mm210 mm9011.60.31