Channel body ACO ShowerDrain M+, Installation height top edge screed: 15 – 128 mm

Product benefits

  • Minimum installation height: 54 mm at socket inclination: 1.5°
  • Optional sealable diffusion openings
  • Sealing sleeve attached in the factory (fulfils W3-I according to German Standard DIN 18534)
  • Fulfils all sound insulation levels (Sst I-III to VDI 4100)
  • Electro-polished, dirt-repellent surfaces
  • Flexible for each installation situation
  • Suitable gully bodies rotatable by 360°

Product information

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Tested to EN 1253-1
  • Load class: K3
  • Noise control: Sound insulation accessories included in the scope of supply
  • Assembly: Modular system in connection with separate gully bodies
  • Height-adjustability: up to max. 74 mm, depending on the choice of gully body
  • Visible width: 84 mm
  • Tile frame
    • Height 12 mm
    • With integrated diffusion openings
  • Flange design: moulded, and sealing sleeve attached in the factor, with 85 mm overlap
  • Scope of supply channel body: Fixing material, height adjustment