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Drainage body, Socket inclination 1,5°

Product benefits

  • Robust body and massive upper surface guarantee a problem free long term operation
  • Low height, suitable for construction and renovation
  • Suitable for public areas due to locked grating

Product information

  • Drain body DN 32
  • From stainless steel, material grade 316
  • Slotted grating of stainless steel
    • Load class: K 3
    • Brushed silk gloss grating
    • Locked grating
  • Suitable for all push fit pipe socket systems
  • Socket inclination 1,5°
Scale drawing
Flange designDescriptionFlow rateItem

ImageWithout location flange
  • With slotted grating
  • Gully top:
    • 150 x 150 mm
ImageLocation flange
  • With slotted grating
  • Gully top:
    • 150 x 150 mm
Scale drawing
Flow rateItem

Image0.75 l/s400791
Image0.75 l/s400793