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Sedismart G

Product benefits

  • Special internal structure for optimised sedimentation
  • Significantly higher efficiency than standard sludge trap
  • Conforms to DWA-M 153 type D24
  • Compact design

Product information

  • Vertical tank made of glass reinforced plastic - no heavy machinery required, resistant material
  • Inner parts made of PEHD
  • Suitable top sections
  • Pipe connection using suitable push sockets or pipe connectors (no welded sockets)
Nominal sizeQin at 10 m³(m²h)Inlet/outlet


Sludge trapTotal capacity
4 NS411040090210512830.41
7 NS7.1160690155117512831.41
11 NS111601100237522512832.41
24 NS23.82002500492657512833.41
Nominal sizeQin at 10 m³(m²h)Inlet/outlet


Sludge trapTotal capacity
4 NS4 l/s110400 l902 l105 kg12830.41
7 NS7.1 l/s160690 l1551 l175 kg12831.41
11 NS11 l/s1601100 l2375 l225 kg12832.41
24 NS23.8 l/s2002500 l4926 l575 kg12833.41
Scale drawing

Nominal sizeDimensionsRequired top sections
H1H2D1D2T tankTotal height
12830.414 NS120511851000124642016251 x DN 600
12831.417 NS143014101200143450019301 x DN 600
12832.4111 NS139513751500175960019951 x DN 600
12833.4124 NS146014402200245576022201 x DN 600