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ACO Sludge Trap PE

Product benefits

  • For selected Nominal Sizes of sludge traps
  • With integrated raising tube
  • Load classes A/B or D
  • No buoyancy protection needed for load class A/B when inlet invert does not exceed 500 mm
  • No buoyancy protection needed for load class D

Product information

  • Inlet and outlet connection depending on size of sludge trap
  • Inlet and outlet parts of polyethylene
  • Different volumes/capacities available
  • Disposal and cleaning via cover
  • With integrally formed raising tube for varying inlet heights
  • Optionally upgradable with concrete supporting rings 60, 80 and 100 mm up to inlet invert Tmax

Price -

P 75068.03900.40.11Auf Anfrage
P 100070.03900.40.12Auf Anfrage
P 125076.03900.40.13Auf Anfrage
P 100071.03900.40.02Auf Anfrage
P 125077.03900.40.03Auf Anfrage
P 150086.03900.40.04Auf Anfrage