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ACO Building Drainage products

In a food service setting, the presence of hot water, grease, and organic waste necessitates the implementation of advanced and intricate drainage mechanisms. ACO has developed intelligent system solutions that effectively mitigate these challenges, thereby enhancing food safety, safeguarding the well-being of employees, and promoting water conservation.

ACO's product line, integrated within a comprehensive system, ensures the safe management of water at every stage of the process, enabling hygienic, economical, and ecologically sound handling.


Every ACO Building Drainage key print material in one place. Catalogues, brochures, guides specification sheets or installation manuals, available as PDF download.

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Custom products and dimensioning tools

ACO industrial building drainage can be easily specified in respect of project requirements. The dimensions of ACO box and slot channels for concrete, tiles and resin floor can be tailored in cooperation with our technical support team, or using any of the available drainage customization tools.

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Explore how products play critical role in ACO Building Drainage applications.

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Our industrial drainage product portfolio includes items which are fully compliant with the highest hygienic requirements. We also have a full understanding of the food industry’s own standards such as HACCP and we work with bodies including the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG).

ACO has become the first and only drainage company to obtain 14159- 1 – Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment certification for its products from NSF International.

Pre-cleaning and preparation

The Clean part of ACO WaterCycle employs a comprehensive range of integrated physical, chemical, or biological processes to treat collected liquids to a degree that satisfies the minimum requirement for entry into the public sewage system. This critical aspect of the system serves to establish the necessary conditions for recycling and sustainable utilization.

Detaining and restraining

The Hold part of ACO WaterCycle incorporates reservoirs, barriers, and valves to ensure that liquids remain within the drainage system and are appropriately channeled in a controlled manner. This critical feature offers enhanced protection and safety, particularly during periods of extreme conditions, such as handling of hazardous liquids, heavy rainfall or flooding.

Pump, drain and reuse

The Reuse part of ACO WaterCycle utilizes pumps, lifting stations, and pipe systems to convey collected, treated, and regulated water to downstream systems and circuits, thereby enabling its utilization or reuse. This crucial element of the system serves to bring the collected and treated water to the interface, facilitating further application.