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Why ACO ladder gratings help put hygiene first

The ACO ladder grating is one of our most popular products and its distinctive design is now recognized by our customers all over the world.

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More importantly, it also delivers superior hygienic performance – something recognised by The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) which endorses the ACO ladder grating because of its hygienically engineered design, a design which benefits from no mesh – gratings are fully cast or welded – and curved joints which minimize bacterial harborage while making grating removal and cleaning an easy and safe proces.

ACO’s ladder grating also offers market-leading performance in the areas of slip resistance, load capacity, corrosion resistance and cleanability. This means the customer can benefit from using a safe, easy-to-clean and durable product without having to compromise anywhere on hygienic performance.

ACO has designed its ladder grating to combine all of the important segment requirements in one solution, and as a result it delivers excellent performance in conditions that are strict on hygiene and safety, and can be heavy on traffic.