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Waste water managment: getting your specification right

As a successful and responsible manager of a foodservice business or a contractor that works regularly with foodservice establishments, you understand the impact that drainage and grease management systems can have on the creation of a healthy commercial kitchen. But how do you ensure the specification of those systems is correct?  Here are some essential guidance on how to get your specification right.

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Looking to specify a new grease separation or drainage system to improve the health of your commercial kitchen?  As waste water champions, we understand that the creation of a healthy foodservice business starts with healthy waste water management. Below we highlight key areas to focus on and the important questions to ask when drawing up your specification criteria.   

1. What grease separation systems does your kitchen require now and in the future?

Grease management systems are an essential part of any commercial kitchen operation but the type and size of grease management system you require will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The size of your operation
  • The type of food you prepare
  • How food is cooked
  • Current and pending legislation
  • Available space

2. What drainage system does my kitchen require?

When it comes to specifying your drainage system, there are a number of important questions to ask:

  • What capacity does your drainage system require when your kitchen is at its busiest?

  • Where does your drainage need to be located? 
  • What drainage system will be compatible with other essential systems including flooring, grease management solutions and pipework?
  • Is my drainage system hygienically designed to improve cleanability? 

3. Can my waste water management system be tailored to suit my needs?

If the health of your commercial kitchen requires grease separation and drainage systems which can be tailored to meet specific issues, make sure the systems you specify can be adapted to suit your needs. As world leaders in the design and manufacture of grease separation and drainage systems for the foodservice sector, ACO offers custom-made solutions which enable commercial kitchen operators to solve site-specific issues and build healthy kitchen environments.

4.  Will it be easy to operate the new systems?

Hard-to-operate grease separation systems and drainage channels which are difficult to clean will directly impact upon their performance, downtime and the health of your commercial kitchen. Our products are designed to be easy-to-install and easy-to-use. Our grease separation systems even include fully automated cleaning functions.  Online as well as face-to-face technical support and training is also available for installers, kitchen operators and employees.  This minimises disruption and operating costs, and means you can focus on the quality of the food and the service you provide instead of spending valuable time managing your kitchen infrastructure.

5. What technical support does my drainage and grease separation company provide?

It’s important to obtain the correct grease separation and drainage system for your commercial kitchen, and to work with a product and systems manufacturer which is experienced in the foodservice sector.  At ACO, we provide market-leading grease separation and drainage solutions that are based on years of experience of working with foodservice businesses and advice which is based on academically robust information and industry best practice.  Our technical team can also provide you with project-specific guidance on your systems’ design, installation and commissioning.  We also guarantee the availability of spare parts to ensure the health of your foodservice business is not impacted by costly downtime should repairs to your waste water management systems be required. In last but not least ACO provides the service WWSA (Waste Water System Assessment) which independently examines the condition of waste water system in your kitchen.

To learn more about the specification of drainage and grease management systems to improve the health of your commercial kitchen, please contact us on (insert telephone number) or visit (insert website address).