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The new ACO Jet parapet drain made of stainless steel

The new ACO Jet parapet drain made of stainless steel

Parapet drainage is an external drainage system with the advantage that the roof sealing membrane does not have to be penetrated during installation. As long as it’s possible to route the water to a floodable surface without damage, parapet drainage is also the first choice for emergency drainage applications.

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The new ACO Jet parapet drain has been specially developed for roof areas larger than 150 m². It comprises a gully body with loose flange/fixed flange in accordance with DIN EN 1253-2, which is permanently and securely integrated into the roofing membrane and requires neither vertical penetration of the roof nor piping within the building.

ACO Jet functions according to the principle of vacuum drainage and achieves very high discharge rates. It is suitable both for main drainage and, when used in connection with the collection ring from the accessories range, for emergency drainage.

The deliverable nominal diameters are DN 50 and DN 70. Available with a 45° upstand for use with bitumen membranes, ACO Jet parapet drains area slo available a 90° upstand for plastic membranes.

Prefabricated from acid resistant and temperature-resistant stainless steel (material grade 1.4301) with a smooth surface area, the drain impresses with its excellent hydraulic properties, high discharge values and very long service life. The direct connection to the ACO GM-X pipe system (according to EN 1123) also guarantees simple and safe assembly.

Comprehensive information regarding the new ACO Jet parapet drain made from stainless steel can be simply obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

ACO Building Drainage is a specialist division within the ACO Group.  It designs and manufactures drainage, separators and pumps for use in domestic and commercial buildings. As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions, ACO Building Drainage has extensive experience and capabilities in the field of building technology.  Working in partnership with its customers, ACO Building Drainage provides market-leading products, delivery and design services.