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Technical planning advantages - grease separator and lifting plant with a common vent stack

Technical planning advantages - grease separator and lifting plant with a common vent stack

Part 2 of 3: The innovative LipuSmart vent stack all-in-one solution from ACO Building Drainage.

ACO Building Drainage’s innovative ‘LipuSmart’ grease separation system integrates the functions of grease separation, sampling, drainage using a lifting plant, and a control system into one product.

Designed to simplify system planning , set-up, operation and maintenance, ACO LipuSmart eliminates the need to combine and coordinate several technical and/or technological components in a time-consuming (and error-prone) way and is an innovative solution which combines powerful separator and pump technologies with comfort and safety.

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Historically vent stacks enable air to flow in and out of the tanks. This so called through-ventilation compensates for pressure differences and prevents the accumulation of corrosive gases and vapours which could attack unsuitable materials. This is in accordance with the now out of date DIN EN 12056-4 standard which required separate ventilation for the grease separator and the lifting plant because of the once common use of cast iron or black steel. With the current use of chemically resistant materials such as PE/PUR, corrosion is no longer an issue and this standard now lags behind current industry practice.

Using non-corrosive materials alone is not sufficient to enable the use of only one ventilation stack. This is only made possible by the innovative design of the LipuSmart system. An intelligent ventilation bridge above the grease separator’s process water level guarantees permanent ventilation of both the grease separator and lifting plant.

Gases and vapours can easily escape from both systems with a sufficient supply of fresh air being introduced at the same time.  As a result, the grease separator and lifting plant operate without any pressure build up.

Operating a single ventilation stack has numerous advantages:

Less planning and installation work  is required to ensure for proper ventilation of the grease separator and lifting plant

Lower assembly and installation costs, as the second ventilation stack and the intermediate piping from the grease separator via sampling pot to the lifting plant are omitted

A considerably improved access to the plant due to reduced pipework

Significant space saving, which simplifies and accelerates the installation of the system and plant, especially in cramped installation situations which often occur in   refurbishment projects

In addition, the ACO LipuSmart fulfils the normative requirements with only one ventilation stack for the 4 in1 solution.

Additional information regarding the new LipuSmart grease separator system solution can be obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

ACO Building Drainage is a specialist division within the ACO Group.  It designs and manufactures drainage, separators and pumps for use in domestic and commercial buildings. As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions, ACO Building Drainage has extensive experience and capabilities in the field of building technology.  Working in partnership with its customers, ACO Building Drainage provides market-leading products, delivery and design services.