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Shower channel assembly quicker, simpler and better than ever before: The new ACO ShowerFloor floor system

Shower channel assembly quicker, simpler and better than ever before: The new ACO ShowerFloor floor system

With the ACO ShowerFloor floor system, the drainage specialist ACO Building Drainage has developed a solution for the installation of floor-flush shower channels which makes the disadvantages of conventional methods - shower tray, shower board with integrated channel, and"stand-alone" shower channel - a thing of the past. At SHK 2018, ACO Building Drainage will present the second generation of the system with numerous improvements which simplify and accelerate workflow further.

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In principle, the arguments for a shower channel are adaptability of height and gradient on site as well as individual pipe embedment. Coordination between the trades and screed drying and curing times is however necessary. In contrast, a shower board only requires a switch between trades and little use of tools but at the cost of a lack of flexibility with regard to height, pipe routing and gradient. The rigid dimensions and the additionally required sealing of the space under the shower tray are negative points for the shower tray option. The ACO ShowerFloor floor system combines maximum flexibility in every respect - surface, slope, pipework, upper surface/covering - with simple installation, high stability, fast workability, secure sealing and very good sound protection.

Benefits during installation

The installation of a floor-flush shower channel with the new ACO ShowerFloor system requires nothing more than a solid substructure. The minimum installation height is

100mm for the recess depth of point drainage and extends up to 165mm. The speed of the installation is based on the basic structure of the system: a beam and/or frame made of steel profiles with three or four parallel cross struts (for linear drainage) or two crossed diagonal and cross struts for each (for point drainage). Robust plug-in connections mean the entire frame to be quickly sized to fit by simply sawing the individual profiles to the length required. The feet compensate for any unevenness on site and, due to their flexible positioning possibilities, provide the necessary clearance for the pipe routing. The height adjustment and the precise and simple adjustment of floor level and floor gradient are now executed with just four adjustable feet in the four corners of the shower area. All the other stand feet no longer have to be screwed to the correct height, but can be adjusted with a click fastener (similar to a photo tripod) in a matter of seconds.

The installation of the shower channel is thereby reduced to just a few simple steps that can be executed in one single stage:

  • Assembling the feet
  • Placing the complete carrier frame in its position
  • Adjusting the positions and height of the feet
  • Placing the drainage element, connect it and check for leak tightness
  • Placing the support plate on the surface and adhering it

At this point, the single switch over of the trades can be executed and the tiler can begin the sealing work.

Accelerating the processing

The unique switch over of trades during the installation and processing of a floor-flush shower channel with the new ACO ShowerFloor system provides a great speed advantage. It reduces downtime time and provides planning reliability. Immediately after positioning the drainage element and inspecting the leak tightness of the connection to the pipe, the installer can apply the adhesive to the support frame and position the support plates (which can easily be cut to size with a standard cutter tool). Immediately after this work stage, the single switch over of the trades takes place.

Developed by experts and based on the practical experience of professionals in the field, the additional workflow with the new ACO ShowerFloor floor system corresponds to the normal working practices.. As with any compound sealing, the floor covering level (support plates) must be sealed properly. As with any tiling process, the joints between the honeycomb panels and the surrounding screed must be sealed with sealing tape to ensure elastic crack bridging. Silicone also has to be provided between the tiles at the expansion joints. The laying of a gradient screed is made superfluous by the floor system. Drying and curing times are thereby eliminated saving additional time.

The ACO ShowerFloor not only simplifies and accelerates the installation and assemble of shower channels, but also optimises sound protection. The shower floor system has been designed in such a way that the acoustic, technically-related requirements are already integrated at the factory (keyword: sound decoupling). This means that no additional work is required for sound protection during installation, which avoids possible errors. ACO ShowerFloor fulfils both the requirements of DIN 4109 and those of the stricter VDI 4100:2012 “Sound protection for residential buildings” in sound protection level III (LAF <= 24 dB(A)). The system is available in two variants and in two adaptable sizes: For linear drainage with three and/or four parallel cross struts, delivery and/or initial dimensions as 900 x 1,200mm or 1,200 x 1,200mm, optionally with or without wall upstand, and for point drainage with two crossed diagonal and cross struts, delivery and/or initial dimensions 900 x 900mm or 1,200 x 1,200mm.

For additional information regarding the new ACO ShowerFloor can be obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

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