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Our recipe for a healthy commercial kitchen

Food quality, food safety, the quality of staff and cooking equipment are key priorities for any foodservice business.  In contrast, the impact of a kitchen’s infrastructure can often be overlooked, misunderstood and under-estimated.  As waste water champions, ACO understands that a healthy commercial kitchen starts with healthy waste water management.

When it comes to running a healthy commercial kitchen, effective waste water management - the invisible infrastructure that improves food safety, enables easy cleaning and prevents water pollution - has a direct impact on operational costs, downtime and the financial health of any commercial kitchen. So what are the key ingredients for healthy waste water management?

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1. Two Phase Grease Separation

All kitchens produce wastewater which contains fats, oils and greases (FOG) and food debris, and the effectiveness of your grease separation system impacts upon the successful, profitable and safe operation of your kitchen.  Poor grease management leads to pipe blockages, unpleasant odours which are off-putting for employees and potentially customers, wet floors which create a slip hazard, and excessive cleaning costs. 

ACO provides a complete grease separation solution from sink to sewer. The industry standard is to protect the sewer network, but ACO goes a step further and adopts a two phase approach which also protects the building itself.

2. Cost Effective, Functional Drainage

The drainage system you specify should be designed to minimise operational costs, improve health and safety, and optimise hygiene.  At ACO, we are committed to delivering optimised solutions which fulfil specification requirements without compromising the drainage function. 

We offer a wide range of drainage solutions so our systems can be adapted to suit the type and composition of the flooring being used, ongoing maintenance requirements and budget.  We can also provide a hygienically designed drainage system which makes cleaning easier and, according to academic research, enables the drainage channel to be fully cleaned in as little as ten minutes.

3. Expertise and after-sales service

Not sure which grease separation solution to choose for your kitchen, whether the drainage channel, gullies and pipework you are about to specify are compatible with each other or where the drainage and grease management systems should be located?  If you would like to make your commercial kitchen healthier, talk to ACO. In the first step ACO team can perform the service, which analyses and evaluates the condition of commercial´s kitchen waste water management and its implication on your kitchen.  We also have a network of grease management service partners which can handle your ongoing maintenance and servicing requirements, leaving you to focus on running your business.

If you would like know more about healthy waste water management and it role in the creation of healthy commercial kitchens, please contact us on