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The award-winning ACO ShowerDrain product family has been extended with the launch of three new grating designs.

Linear, Piano and Signature: Three new design gratings for ACO ShowerDrain channels

The award-winning ACO ShowerDrain product family has been extended with the launch of three new grating designs. Launched by drainage specialist ACO Building Drainage, the new gratings enable designers and end users to create modern, premium bathroom designs.

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An expression of pure understatement, the new ‘Linear’ grating is a classic, minimalist grating design, which features seven struts and six continuous drainage slots along its length.

In contrast, the ‘Piano’ grating features two rows of different sized outlet slots, which are positioned at right angles to the length of the channel in a design, which is reminiscent of a piano keyboard.  

While the ‘Signature’ grating comprises a continuous surface made of polished stainless steel. Shower water is drained via a circumferential gap between the grating and the channel. A letter, shape or logo in any preferred size can also be lasered onto the stainless steel surface for maximum individuality.

Floor-flush ACO ShowerDrain channels with their design series E, E+, M and ACO ShowerFloor for linear drainage are available in the standard lengths of 700, 800, 900, 1,000 and 1,200 millimetres as well as bespoke made-to-measure lengths.

If required, the new Linear, Piano and Signature gratings can also be supplied without channels to enable quick and easy conversion of shower channels, which have already been installed.

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