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Integrated overall solution: The new LipuSmart grease separator from ACO Building Drainage

Integrated overall solution: The new LipuSmart grease separator from ACO Building Drainage

ACO Building Drainage’s ‘ACO LipuSmart’ grease separation system integrates the functions of grease separation, sampling, drainage using a lifting plant, and a control system into one product.

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Designed to simplify system planning , set-up, operation and maintenance, ACO LipuSmart eliminates the need to combine and coordinate several technical and/or technological components in a time-consuming (and error-prone) way and is an innovative solution which combines powerful separator and pump technologies with comfort and safety.

LipuSmart impresses with flow-optimised pump technology, only one required vent stack, integrated backflow protection and compact dimensions. The compact design makes LipuSmart much easier to transport and install than other separator systems: There is no need for intermediate pipework between the grease separator, sampling pot and lifting plant, and instead of two vent stacks, only one has to be installed for the entire system.

In applications where space is at minimum, the adaptability of the pump unit provides numerous installation possibilities which can be adapted directly on site. address space issues which are particularly common on refurbishment projects. The perfectly coordinated control system components can be connected via a plug and play system - the plant can be put into operation via the control system, and no setup by an electrician is required. The integrated sampling option, air bubble injection in the lifting plant and a complete plant control system with large display (for separator and lifting plant), clear menu structure and graphic representation of the disposal processes ensure ease of operation. ACO LipuSmart use the potential provided by digitalisation. A Bluetooth interface is included and a GSM module for automatic data transmission and a Modbus interface are optionally available. Parametrisation and configuration are implemented via an app. All settings can be stored on an SD card. The plant is delivered as ready to plug in.

Additional information regarding the new LipuSmart grease separator system solution can be obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

ACO Building Drainage is a specialist division within the ACO Group.  It designs and manufactures drainage, separators and pumps for use in domestic and commercial buildings. As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions, ACO Building Drainage has extensive experience and capabilities in the field of building technology.  Working in partnership with its customers, ACO Building Drainage provides market-leading products, delivery and design services.