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Complex is now simple: LipuSmart from ACO Building Drainage

Complex is now simple: LipuSmart from ACO Building Drainage

Part 1 of 3: The complete system control for the all-in-one solution for grease separators and lifting plants

ACO Building Drainage has launched ‘ACO LipuSmart’ – a grease separation system which integrates the functions of grease separation, sampling, drainage using a lifting plant, and a control system into one product.

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Designed to simplify system planning , set-up, operation and maintenance, ACO LipuSmart eliminates the need to combine and coordinate several technical and/or technological components in a time-consuming (and error-prone) way and is an innovative solution which combines powerful separator and pump technologies with comfort and safety.

The ‘plug in and operate’ ACO LipuSmart plant control system combines the individual control units of the grease separator and lifting plant into one complete device.  Easy  connection of the pumps to the control system means that no electrician is required for commissioning. The pump unit is supplied separately from the separator in order to facilitate bringing it into the building. The core element of the control system is the large illuminated display with its very clear and multilingual menu structure. The functional scope includes a digital protocol system on SD card, a graphic representation of the disposal processes, an inclusive Bluetooth interface and/or an optional Modbus interface.

In addition, the free of charge LipuSmart app for Android and iOS enables the system to be set up, controlled and maintained conveniently. This also allows the memory for errors, faults and amendments to be read out. All requirements of 4040-100 and DIN EN 12050-2 are met by the new LipuSmart grease management system.

Additional information regarding the new LipuSmart grease separator system solution from ACO Building Drainage can be obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

ACO Building Drainage is a specialist division within the ACO Group.  It designs and manufactures drainage, separators and pumps for use in domestic and commercial buildings. As one of the leading suppliers of system solutions, ACO Building Drainage has extensive experience and capabilities in the field of building technology.  Working in partnership with its customers, ACO Building Drainage provides market-leading products, delivery and design services.