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Cleanablity & your commercial kitchen

Are your grease management and drainage systems easy to clean?  Cleanability has a significant impact on the health of any commercial kitchen as well as ongoing operational costs.  

Waste water management has a major impact on the performance of any foodservice facility and its design has a significant impact on cleanliness – what we at ACO call ‘cleanability’.  Yet the wider impact of cleanability on the healthy and efficient operation of a foodservice business is often overlooked.  So why is cleanability so important?

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1.  Time and money

To make your kitchen as efficient as possible and keep costs to a minimum, it’s important to specific an effective drainage and grease separation system that does not compromise functionality.  Your system should be well designed to minimise maintenance requirements and ensure cleaning is a quick and easy process.  

At ACO we can provide a stainless steel solution which includes easy-to-remove foul air trap for high-temperature applications with frequent cleaning demands.  Our product range also include a stainless steel and plastic solution which is ideally suited for applications where floor cleaning is infrequent and the amount of waste water generated is not so large.

2.  Your employees

No matter how robust your cleaning protocol and how committed your employees are to cleaning your commercial kitchen, they may well be tempted to cut corners if cleaning is a difficult and time consuming process.  ACO products have been designed to reflect this.  For example, our stainless steel foul air trap is easy to remove and clean, and the automated cleaning functions on our grease separation systems make cleaning a quick and easy process.

3.  The environment

Are you using excessive amounts of water and detergent? Are your forced to use power-washing to clean dirt from channel corners and the 90 degree connections between your floors and walls?  The specification of a hygienically designed drainage system and hygienically designed kerbs will minimise the amount of water and detergent used during the cleaning process, reduce operating costs, and make cleaning a quicker, more efficient and more environmentally friendly process.  What is more, ACO provides service, which can helps you to analyse and evaluate the condition of commercial´s kitchen waste water management including its drainage and grease separation solutions.

If you would like to learn more about cleanability and its role in creating a healthy commercial kitchen visit