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ACO ShowerDrain E+ floor-flush shower channel:  Suitable for areas with water exposure class W3-I

ACO ShowerDrain E+ floor-flush shower channel: Suitable for areas with water exposure class W3-I

The award-winning ACO ShowerDrain floor-flush range has been a permanent feature of barrier-free bathrooms for years. The new premium model - ACO ShowerDrain E+ - meets the requirement for the highest water exposure class W3-I and is suitable for use in sports, leisure and industrial facilities with the highest water exposure.

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The new DIN 18534 for interior waterproofing primarily replaces Part 5 of the DIN 18195 as well as Parts 1 to 3 and 7 to 10. It contains the rules and specifications for sealing or waterproofing kitchens, bathrooms, shower facilities or floor areas with drains and is therefore highly relevant for the processors and planners of shower channels and floor drains. The new standard has special effects on the current “darling” of the bathroom – the flush-floor shower channel as an important design element of a barrier-free bathroom. The ShowerDrain C, ShowerDrain M and ShowerDrain S models from ACO Building Drainage mean that the company has three models in its product range which fulfil the requirements of the water exposure class W2-I. The top of the range model - the new ACO ShowerDrain E+ - also fulfils the highest requirements of the W3-I class.

The ACO ShowerDrain E+ design shower channel made of stainless steel has numerous advantages. On-site pre-assembly work is not required here. The workflow is additionally accelerated by tool-free height adjustment. The tightly welded drain bowl with DN 50 connection guarantees free pipe access. The connecting socket below the channel enables safe covering of the pipe with screed. The already factory-fitted sealing sleeve simplifies sealing for connections according to the latest standard. Diffusion openings in the frame promote the drying of moisture in the tile covering.

ACO ShowerDrain E+ fulfils all the requirements of both EN 1253 as well as DIN 18534 and should be the first choice for showers which deal with high volumes of water such as those installed in sports and commercial facilities. The new shower channel also benefits from the well-known advantages of the ACO ShowerDrain range. Stainless steel without detachable coatings for lasting durability. The hardness of the material reduces scratches and signs of wear and is capable of resisting conventional cleaning agents. The high-quality appearance of the electropolished surface, with low dirt adhesion and ease of cleaning, is completed by a large selection of beautiful stainless steel designer gratings.

Comprehensive information regarding the new ACO ShowerDrain E+ shower channel can be obtained from ACO Building Drainage.

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